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Stay simple, stay true


50% Organic Cotton
50% PET

Yarn Blend, Ne 30x1

  • Knit construction: Single jersey
  • Weight: 145g/m2

This unique blend joins the best organic cotton yarns with the polyester yarn produced from the recycling of the plastic bottles that lamentably populate our oceans.

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100% Peruvian Pima Cotton

Yarn, Ne 60X2

  • Knit construction: Single jersey
  • Weight: 145g/m2

One of the most sought cotton fibers in the world, Pima cotton is softer and more absorbent than other cottons, perfect for people with sensitive skins.

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80% Organic Cotton
20% Cashmere

Yarn, Ne 30x1

  • Knit construction: Single jersey
  • Weight: 145g/m2

This rich blend combines the best organic cotton fibers together with the most precious cashmere wool fibers, creating a luxurious knit with unique softness

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Organic Cotton

100% Organic Cotton

Yarn, Ne 30x1

  • Knit construction: Single jersey
  • Weight: 145g/m2

Pure cotton, respect for nature. This new t-shirt blends quality with comfort, without forgetting the simplicity that makes it unique.

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Raw materials sourcing

Our choices make a difference in the environment.

  • Pima Cotton harvested in Peru, has properties that make it the finest, softest, and most luxurious of all cotton sources.
  • Organic Cotton cultivated in India by fair trade producers, with a sustainability commitment to eco-friendly production methods.
  • PET Yarn produced in Switzerland, it uses 100% recyclable polyester fibre, made out of PET plastic bottles.
  • Cashmere Yarn straight from Mongolia, made with the finest eco-friendly, 100% organic cashmere goats wool.



As we undoubtedly believe, that the true beauty of the human race lies in its diversity… No matter your skin color or body shape, we started with a simple goal to create and make the perfect custom fitted T-Shirt for you.

Our T-Shirts are made, having sustainability at heart, truly understanding the need to look after our world.

From picking the cotton, weaving the yarn and constructing your t-shirt, our conscientious approach guarantees ethical, fair trade and environmentally friendly production.

FFLTEES, will fast become an essential part of your wardrobe, due its unique quality and comfort, allowing you to make a statement about you and your values…

Be the change you want to see in the world

Portuguese high quality production

FFLTEES are produced in the north of Portugal, the heart of the textile and apparel industry

Production steps

  • 1Based on your body measurements, our pattern maker will develop a unique pattern for the specificity of your body, thereby ensuring a perfect fitting.
  • 2The chosen knit will be placed on the cutting table and hand cut with tailor’s scissors.
  • 3All parts that make up your T-Shirt will be carefully sewn by an experienced seamstress.
  • 4Your T-Shirt will be trimmed, ironed and packed.
  • 5The T-Shirt is ready to be shipped to you.

Sustainable T-shirts made from PET – Plastic Bottles

Getting up to date on some recycling facts:

  • - Did you know that with just ten plastic bottles you can make 0,45 Kg of polyester fibres?
  • - By using 1 million bottles made from recycled plastic, we will save more than 200 barrels of oil from being used?
  • - For each 1 million bottles we recycle, we manage to eliminate around 180 metric tons of CO2 that would eventually be polluting our atmosphere.
  • - By producing 500 Recycled PET t-shirts, we reduce our impact on the environment for the equivalent of 1 barrel of oil!
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