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Here, you can find the answers to the most common questions asked by our customers.


What is FFLTEES?

FFLTEES is an online custom-made t-shirt tailor, which started with a simple goal: to create and make the perfect custom fitted t-shirt for you. Our t-shirts are made, having sustainability at the heart, making use of the highest quality materials.
FFLTEES tailored t-shirts are produced in the north of Portugal.


How accurate is FFLTEES?

FFLTEES t-shirts are made based on your body measurements. Our pattern maker develops a unique pattern for your body's specificity, ensuring 99% accuracy. Feedback from our customers is very positive!


What is a tailored fit t-shirt?

A tailored fit t-shirt is shaped to closely fit a person's body. Essentially, our tailored t-shirts emulate the experience of visiting a tailor who would size the shirt specifically for you


How can you tailor a t-shirt?

Like any other piece of clothing, a t-shirt can also be tailored to fit you properly! Although tailoring the t-shirt yourself might sound like a good plan, it would require a professional sewing machine and several years of practice to do it accurately. If you are looking for a t-shirt tailored to your body, we recommend that you size your favourite t-shirt, change the measurements according to your preference, and order your own FFLTEES version of your t-shirt.


How do you measure a custom t-shirt?

To create your custom size t-shirt, you have to check and give us your measurements for Body Length, Shoulder Width, Chest Circumference, Waist Circumference, and Biceps Circumference. You can do it with a tape measure!


How fitted is an FFLTEES t-shirt?

Our t-shirts have a perfect fit! Using your body measurements is the most accurate way to find the ideal size for making for extraordinarily accurate clothing.
Tailored t-shirts are specially designed to your body, with a guarantee to make you look your best.


What Does “custom-fitted” mean?

The custom-fit concept means that we offer a one-of-a-kind custom fit t-shirt, totally adapted to meet your body requirements, making use of your measurements.


What are the materials used on FFLTEES tailored t-shirts?

T-shirts from FFLTEES only use the highest quality materials available, perfect for tailoring t-shirts with the least impact on the environment.
At the moment you can choose from Recycled PET, PIMA Cotton, Cashmere Wool, and pure Organic Cotton.


Are FFLTEES materials certified?

FFLTEES organic cotton used for the 100% Organic, PET and Cashmere blend t-shirts is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). A seal of excellence for high-quality, consistently ecologically and socially responsible clothing made from organic natural cotton fibers, produced under fair circumstances and in compliance with strict environmental criteria.


How much are FFLTEES shirts?

Our t-shirts are one of a kind, made to measure with high-quality sustainable materials. The price depends on the material chosen and the quantity ordered:

Organic Cotton (100% organic cotton) - This t-shirt blends quality with comfort, without forgetting the simplicity that makes it unique. – As low as $26.90*.

Recycled PET (50% organic, cotton 50% PET) - This unique blend joins the best organic cotton yarns with the polyester yarn produced from the recycling of the plastic bottles. - As low as $47.00*.

Pima Cotton (100% Peruvian Pima cotton) - Pima cotton is softer and more absorbent than other kinds of cotton, perfect for people with sensitive skin. - As low as $47.00*. 

Cashmere Wool (80% organic, 20% cashmere) - This rich blend combines the best organic cotton fibers jointly with the most precious cashmere wool fibers, creating a luxurious knit with unique softness. - As low as $70.00*.

  *for orders of at least 5 t-shirts.

When writing my measurements, is it necessary to compensate for shrinkage? 

No! FFLTEES t-shirts go through a pre-wash process after being manufactured to ensure that they don't go through shrinkage after your first wash. This allows them to continue to maintain their fabric integrity.


How long do the deliveries take?

FFLTEES products' shipping time is around 3 weeks starting from the day the payment is received.
Each t-shirt is unique, tailored to each client, which requires considerable time and attention. FFLTEES is not responsible for any delivering delay caused by the responsible company for such delivery, or any unpredictable natural events our of our control. FFLTEES also cannot be held responsible for losses, inconveniences, costs or other damages resulting from late deliveries.


How can I get Free Shipping?

FFLTEES offers free shipping to Europe, in all orders, as long as you’re a newsletter subscriber.


How do I contact FFLTEES?

If you need to contact us, you should fill in our contact form, available on our website.


How do I reorder a T-Shirt?

If you want to order the exact same t-shirt simply press “reorder” and the t-shirt will be added to your basket.


How should I wash my t-shirt?

For a long duration, wash at 30ºC with similar colors. Washing instructions are also sent in the package.


Where is FFLTEES produced?

Our t-shirts are produced in the North of Portugal, the heart of the textile and apparel industry.


Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide.


What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept online card payment with MasterCard, VISA or via Stripe.


Is it safe to order at FFLTEES? 

Absolutely Yes!
At FFLTEES we offer 100% secure payment methods so that you can be completely safe when ordering from our shop. We do not collect any credit card or other financial information and payments are processed by Stripe, an encrypted payment system.